23 October 2019

About Us

Being respectful to natural habitats of creatures since 2004, our company renders professional services to remove and protect populations in settlement zones with sound systems without giving any harm to the environment and ecological order.

We offer a solution partnership in pest control with our device, which has been used abroad for many years and the R&D studies of which are being continued in Turkey by our company.

The systems are calibrated once a year and guaranteed by us for 3 years. If requested, the warranty period can be extended up to 10 years against an additional service fee.

Our company is the first and only company in Turkey that drafts and implements projects in this field. Initially, a survey is performed based on general pest population. Afterwards, appropriate device is selected and installed according to the project. Third step is calibration and control followed by fourth step of reporting.

With our ultrasonic applications on which we have undergone training, our aim is to remove harmful insects from target spaces in a completely natural way and to generate a sterile area without using any pesticides or other materials.

The systems to be installed are determined by expert staff, considering the m2 area and ecological order and space. Once all controls have been conducted after the installation, the results are achieved between 1 and 4 weeks.

A special production is made according to m2 area and ecological order of the spaces where the system will be installed. The results are achieved in the shortest time following our controls, measurements and tests. The calibrations made every year regularly are under the guarantee of our company. Our systems have a warranty period of 3 years which can be extended up to 10 years. This economic and reliable technology is called www.ultrasonikkovucu.com

Mission & Vision

We serve our customers with the most economical and fastest applications in pest control based on quality integrated with technology. We follow technologic developments in order not to stay far behind this technology and serve to our customers on 7/24 basis with the basic principle of customer satisfaction.

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