23 October 2019

Implementation & Projecting

Devices are manufactured on m2 area basis and therefore each of them will have a different range and interaction. After a survey and analysis process, we design a combination to evacuate and stop reproduction of pests in the shortest time. Afterwards, we proceed with application and control stages.

Such devices should not be confused with single-level repellents such as devices of Asian origin with limited warranty which are so-called ready-to-use products without involving any analysis. It should be realized that repellers for each pest have a distinct frequency and there is no frequency to cover all of them.

We manufacture our products locally, which make us different. Although we get R&D and Technical support from Europe, we produce and develop our products based on our customers’ requirements. We do not only sell the product, but we also render our installation, sterilization, aftersales, maintenance and follow-up reporting services. We share the rate of success with our customers. We produce the most robust devices in the fastest way and provide 3 years of warranty with the aim of obtaining customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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