23 October 2019

Our Services Areas

  • Tourism Facilities (Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cafes, Entertainment Areas)
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities (Factories, Manufacturing Zones)
  • Transportation (Ports, Train Stations, and Loading – Unloading Areas)
  • Energy (Power Plants and Transmission Lines)
  • Aviation (Airports, Runways, Hangars, Terminals, Flight Towers)
  • Educational Institutions (Schools, Universities, Student Dormitories)
  • Health Care Institutions (Hospitals, Community Clinics)
  • Sports Facilities (Stadiums, Indoor Gyms, Swimming Pools)
  • Official Institutions (The Institutional Buildings in general, Offices, Archive Areas, Cable Lines)
  • Municipalities (Waste Storage Areas, Social Facilities, Parks, Gardens)
  • Banks & Corporations (Data Lines and Cables, Archive Areas, Offices)
  • Food & Livestock (Food Facilities, Barns, Poultry Farms)
  • Museums, Historical Monuments, Sanctuaries
  • Agriculture & Livestock (Gardens, Vineyards, Greenhouses, Fields)
  • Shopping Malls, Residences and Houses
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