23 October 2019

Device General Information

The human ear can hear sonic sounds from 15.000 kHz to 20.000 kHz. Sounds above 20,000 kHz are categorized as ultrasonic while sounds below 15,000 kHz are categorized as infrasonic.

Ultrasonic sound technology is widely used in industrial facilities for screening and cleaning purposes and in medicine for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Ultrasonic mice and pest repellent devices are not harmful to human health or electronic devices.

EThe same applies to electromagnetic devices. The US National Research Council has reported that electromagnetic waves have no detrimental effect on human health. This report is based on 500 scientific researches conducted over the last 20 years.

Ultrasonic and electromagnetic devices are widely sold and used in European countries, America and Japan. You can safely use our mice and pest repellent devices in any environment. Ultrasonic Repellent offers environment-friendly, non-toxic and superior performance guaranteed solutions…


3D Sound system is a technology of generating depth in radiating sound and the sound has a surrounding effect.

It is equipped with special software that surrounds the whole area and generates depth in the sound with successive variable frequency technique from the moment it is installed in your space, and never causes desensitization. It does not disseminate sounds only circularly, but the sound is also disseminated from backwards to forwards, from upwards to downwards and circularly in three different dimensions for faster and better results unlike equivalent products in the market.

By spreading micro, sonic and ultrasonic frequencies, it removes all pests that cause disease in your living spaces with a 3D-sound-technology and cuts the contact of pests with people. These are the most effective repellent devices. They eradiate 3D sonic sounds between 24kHz and 62kHz with variable sound system in different dimensions and volumes in order to prevent the rodents, pests and all insects from being accustomed to the same frequency (110db peak point). The varying sonic sounds radiated when it operates do not harm people, pets or electronic equipment. It will be enough to install the product in areas where insects appear. If your space is an open warehouse without any partition, then one device will be sufficient. If your space consists of several partitions, then one device is installed in the middle point. If it is 1000 m2 or larger, please ask our experts for help. From the moment it starts to work, it effectively cuts the entry of new pests and cleans the existing insects within one to four weeks based on nestling and nest population.

Areas of use include all interior and exterior spaces at houses, workplaces, offices, bakeries, factories, hotels, restaurants and all industrial zones.

Technical specifications: ultrasonic, sonic and micro; area of action ranging from 0.50 to 10.000 m2; frequency alteration against immunization; 24-hour non-stop; free from poisons, lotions and liquids.

There is no side effect. It only affects target creatures and it does not harm humans and pets.

Products are available with ABS plastic or steel housing and come with a 3-years warranty.

Calibration is performed by qualified personnel once a year.

We work on project basis and select appropriate devices according to m2 area and population in such area.

Electronic/Ultrasonic Mosquito, Housefly, Cockroach, Mice, Bat, Bird, Ant, Cat and Dog Repellents

Multiplying population of pests and rodents needs to be controlled with effective products at houses, at workplaces, in factories and similar indoor and outdoor areas.

Population of pests and rodents multiply in surprisingly a short time and their immune systems constantly improve against pesticides that have toxic effects on humans.

It has become necessary to finds solutions that are effective against pests and rodents, but do not harm humans.

Ultrasonic repellents disturb pests, rodents, cats and dogs and push / drive them out of range / area where electronic repellents show effect.

– It does not harm humans and pets while driving out pests and rodents irritating the people.

– It is clean and hygienic. It is especially ideal for areas where there are allergic children and people.

– Thanks to its non-chemical content, it does not generate odour and smoke.

– It is effective. It just drives out pests and rodents, but does not kill.

– It is ecological. It does not harm the biological chain and balance in the nature.

– It is environment-friendly. It does not produce waste, gas or ashes.

– It is economic. It does not need to be filled or renewed. There is also no need for liquids, fluids or tablets. Its electricity consumption is very low.

– It is practical. The product must be installed in accordance with its m2 area specification based on the model to be used. When required, the area is secured with a sterile solution prior to product installation. Sonic settings are checked annually.

– It is safe and officially certified.

It is manufactured in Turkey in accordance with the European Union Directives on Low Voltage Directive (Electric Safety) numbered D73/23/CEE and Electromagnetic Compatibility numbered D89/336/CEE. It is not sold without warranty like Far Eastern products.

– It is a high-quality and CE-certified product. It is produced in accordance with European Union norms.

It has a 3-year warranty.

– It has been widely used abroad for 25 years.

  • Frequency Setting: The frequency is altered in between 17 KHz -26 KHz (+/- 1 KHz) so it is immunity-free. Selected frequency runs as active and passive for a certain period of time. At this stage, the yellow moving frequency LED available on the front part flashes and shows the frequency output time intervals.
  • Fixed Frequency: Selected frequency fixes the device to 19 KHz noise and operates as active and passive within certain time intervals. At this stage, the green LED on the front part of device continuously functions as active and gives switch position information. At the same time, the yellow frequency movement LED flashes to show the frequency output time intervals.

Areas of Use:

You can use in large open spaces such as gardens, terraces, and etc. if you do not want to see cats or dogs in your garden or open spaces; if you are engaged in beekeeping and having problems with bears; if you are outside settlement areas and there are pigs around or if you are annoyed by rodents.

1- This electrically-operated device is for use in driving out animals in general.

2- It is controlled by a microprocessor, carrier wave pulse circuit and carrier frequency pulse circuit. It emits high frequency-pulsed acoustic waves and electromagnetic-pulsed waves, and thus stimulates the nerves of pests and easily drives them out

3- It does not contain any odours, tablets, liquids or poison. It has no side effect on people and does not cause reactions.

4- In case of continuous operation, it can be used for a long term.

5- It is equipped with a frequency alternating scanner against immunities. The high intensity sound waves generated by the device do not cause any harm to humans, pets or electronic equipment. The product is effective only on targeted creatures. Note: It never gives harm to targeted creatures, but prevents them from entering into your space and drives them out. It employs a rather humane repelling method.


We do not only sell cat and dog repellents, but we are also animal control experts. Our expert team is available 7 days a week to ensure that you get the best possible results and to give advices or answer your inquiries.

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