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Areas Of Use

Houses, workplace, factories and similar indoor/outdoor spaces, gardens, terraces, warehouses, storerooms, machine rooms, car parks, and etc.

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Environment Friendly

It does not generate wastes, gases or ash. It is ecological. It does not harm the biological chain and balance in the nature. It does not produce odour and smoke since it is free of chemical content.

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It is manufactured in Turkey in accordance with the European Directives on Low Voltage (Electric Safety) and Electromagnetic Compatibility numbered D73/23/CEE D89/336/CEE.

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There is no need to refill or renew. It does not need liquids, fluids, tablets or etc. It does not require extra disinfestation. In addition, it operates with a quite low electricity consumption.

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UltraSonic Repellents
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Being respectful to natural habitats of creatures since 2004, our company renders professional services to remove and protect populations in settlement zones with sound systems without giving any harm to the environment and ecological order.

We offer a solution partnership in pest control with our device, which has been used abroad for many years and the R&D studies of which are being continued in Turkey by our company.

The systems are calibrated once a year and guaranteed by us for 3 years. If requested, the warranty period can be extended up to 10 years against an additional service fee.

We uphold customer satisfaction above everything and so we offer guaranteed service 365 days and 24 hours.

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