23 October 2019

What is UltraSonik?

Ultrasonic sound is called a high and fast sound frequency that human ear cannot perceive.

Ultrasonic sounds provide 20 kHz / 20.000 kHz vibration. The sounds that people make are in the range of 3 kHz and 6 kHz. We cannot hear ultrasonic sounds, because when the frequency is high, it moves faster. Ultrasonic is not only classified as a sound measurement, but also as a criterion of distance, temperature, ultrasonography and cavitational cleaning.

Ultrasonic sound devices are divided into two groups, namely as for professional and for individual use. The aim is to ensure the evacuation of targeted pests and to prevent the reproduction within the environment.

Professional and individual devices vary in square meter areas of coverage and ecological order. Sonic tests and measurements are performed during the installation phase. It is ensured that the correct device is operated at the right frequency. It requires from one to four weeks for the target pests to leave the relevant space and obtain full efficiency from the devices. They must be in continuous operation in order to prevent pests from returning to the that space. The radiated sound signals prevent the reproduction of population and ensure that they do not return to that zone again.

It is capable of preventing immunity as it scans continuously and fast at a high frequency. It can be used at any space where pests are found such as houses, workplaces, hotels, warehouses, schools, hospitals, restaurants and etc.

There is a variety of devices as per each insect and square meter area. We can install and apply the most convenient device for you upon request.

Our devices are guaranteed for up to ten years if their calibration is performed annually.

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